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Find the the right lamp, sconce, or chandelier for you with collections.

The Simpatico Collection

Candelabra Mini

At just 16" tall, it's the perfect lamp to accent any room.

Candelabra Boss

With a demanding presence, this lamp guarantees to add its own touch wherever it's placed.

Tilted Bridge

Shine some light on the subject with this hand made industrial desk lamp.

4-Point Chandelier

The perfect mid-sized chandelier, ideal for adding an industrial look to any room.

Ram Horn Sconce

An excellent addition to any entryway or walkway with its 17" horizontal span.

Baby Desk Lamp

Our cutest lamp yet. Friendly to your desk, and wallet.

3-Post Coat Hanger Sconce

This coat hanger is lit! Add its industrial touch to any entryway.

Baby Desk Lamp

Our cutest lamps. Friendly to your desk, and wallet.

More Models Coming Soon!

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